Flower Shops – Types and Challenges
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 Flower Shops – Types and Challenges
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Flower Shops – Types and Challenges
Flower Shops – Types and Challenges More articles
If you love being surrounded by flowers from all directions and have an artistic talent and an eye for esthetics, maybe you should consider being the shop owner of one of the hundreds of flower shops in Israel. Although hundreds of flower shops exist in Israel, the road to success is possible and it is all about the right kind of marketing, acquiring the right kind of reputation and choosing the right location for the shop, where there is a need for a flower shop. In this article we would like to describe the main types of flower shops and point out the challenges anyone wishing to open a flower shop will be facing.

Flower shops - main types

Flower shops are divided into several categories:

There are Flower shops which are on a relatively small geographical area, in the town center or a settlement. This kind of Flower shop displays its flowers for the public and has catalogues of additional flowers. Another type of Flower shop is online Flower shops which operate using the web only. This kind of flower shop does not need a designated structure to welcome customers and they display their flower selection through the web only. Another type of Flower shops are nurseries, which market their produce to the wide public or sell flower bouquets using interim flower stands at busy junctions, hospital entrances and the like. Many Flower shops are part of a larger chain of Flower shops and some work independently as a small business.

The Advantages of Opening a Flower shop

One of the biggest advantages in Flower shops is the fact that the entire population is potential clients, be it the private sector or the business one. Flowers are everywhere and needed for everything so Flower shops are always busy. The clientele purchases flowers mainly as decorations or for flower deliveries. This clientele is normally the regular customers, who contact the Flower shops' owners and purchase flowers for one time events or once a week for the Sabbath.

The difficulties faced by Flower shops' owners:

• Purchasing flowers using Flower shops is a seasonal matter; this means that the flower purchase is mainly done during the holidays and towards special events, such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Flower purchase towards the weekend is only 40% of the total turnover. This fact makes every regular weekday one without significant sales and therefore one with few profits. When regarding online flower shops, the cost invested in the purchase of flowers is lower (because there is no need to have flowers to decorate the shop or to provide daily service) and this enables online flower shops to be more competitive.
• Flower prices change with the seasons. There are flowers which only blossom during specific seasons and under certain weather conditions. This fact makes the prices of the provided flowers fluctuate from time to time and makes the costs shop owners are required to invest change significantly.
• Another difficulty is the type of shop. When dealing with a single shop, the clientele is minimal and there is no option of supplying orders from other parts of the country. When dealing with a flower shop chain the prices are relatively high. This difficulty can be dealt with using online Flower shops. Using the sites where Flower shops from all over Israel are found you can reach the relevant shop anywhere you need and even use simple and convenient price comparisons.
• Online flower shops do not need to invest in holding a regular inventory or paying rent, but on the other hand, not having a physical shop makes it hidden from the public's eye. To reach the public's domain they need to invest in building a website, its promotion, in business networking as well as in vigorous marketing.

In any case, whether you are self-employed wishing to open a flower shop, it is recommended to consult with the Small Businesses Authority or other business consultants, to examine the advisability of opening the business under the circumstances in your surroundings. The choices self-employed individuals make prior to launching their business are in many cases important choices which can affect their chances of success.


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